Kingdom life, angels and demons, dominion  and  authority, spiritual formation and growth, meditation and contemplation, intercessory prayer, prophetic influence and apostolic mission. These are just some of the sessions that will be taught at Doulos Institute.  Sessions are held throughout the year. Click HERE  to find out more.

street outreach ~ We have been distributing meals, water, clothes, and other necessities to those who live on the streets.  Come  pray and  speak prophetic words of encouragement over Tulsa's street people with an expectation of God's presence and power being manifested  
pray and boldly proclaim God's Word over Tulsa. This ministry opportunity is for those who are not fearful of going into areas of spiritual darkness in order to bring forth the light of Jesus Christ. 
Call: 918.770.0000 for more information, and to find out where and when we will be going next. 

influencing our culture ~ The Uprising has a vision for reaching into the culture of our city in creative ways and infuencing it with the love and power of Christ. Whether it is taking Jesus incarnately into the downtown club scene, or other local events and festivals, our mission is to take the light and love of Jesus into the darkness and turn the world upside-down! 
These are creative incarnational  opportunities within the local community that are not "religious" or "judgemental"  and have resulted in new relationships being forged with many who are outside of the Church. Jesus was accused of being friends with publicans and sinners.  Shouldn't we be accused of the same thing?  If you would like to be an urban "insurgent" and aren't afraid to reach out to the culture of our city in ways that are relevant and creative, let us know. This requires some commitment and training but can be very exciting and rewarding. Times and places will vary, and can often be on a short notice basis.

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Sunday gathering Our Eucharistic worship gathering is at 1 PM on Sundays. We are currently meeting at various locations and are looking for a more permanent home. Call: 918-770-0000, or click HERE to find out where.

Adoration & SOZO ~ Fridays 6:30 PM - An hour and 15 minutes set apart for Adoration of Christ's presence in the Eucharist, praying one of the Litanies, meditation, and deep worship. If you wish to come, call 918-770-0000 Tues. thru Fri. from noon to 5 PM, to find out where we are meeting.

prayer walking ~ Join us as we pray at strategic locations in the Tulsa area. Witness the power that fervent prayer and the prophetic word can have in shifting the atmosphere of our city towards an outpouring from heaven. We are praying and believing for a true awakening. Come expecting  Divine encounters and God's presence as we step into the spiritual battlefield to
Radical Christianity, Radical Christianity
  ~ A n c i e n t  -  M o d e r n  -  A n g l i c a n ~
                                                                An Incarnational Anglican mission community                
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through love, grace, and compassion. We have seen amazing miracles take place! For more info call 918.770.0000. *** Our street outreach has been put on hold until we locate a volunteer Outreach Director. ***
~ Volunteer Outreach Director Needed! ~

corporate intercessory prayer ~ Our corporate prayer time has now been made a part of the Friday night  Adoration and SOZO gatherings. See above for more info.
 ~ A n c i e n t : A p o s t o l i c : A n g l i c a n ~
            An Incarnational and Sacramental Anglican Rite Mission Community